Need A Consistent Pipeline Of High Quality, Fresh Leads Coming Into Your Business Every Week?

HSM Linkedin Service

HSM is proud to offer our managed Linkedin Service to our awesome clients. Here’s the deal, if you are a business whose clients are on Linkedin you need to check out this opportunity. Learn how we can leverage the power of Linkedin and deliver QUALIFIED, EXCLUSIVE leads  directly to your inbox every week…and we do all the work for you!

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Here’s The Scope For This Service…

You tell us who your target market is, we’ll go out and get them for you. Bottom line…If your target market is on Linkedin…we’ll get you speaking with them.

This is like having a team of sales people knock on 100 doors every single day.

Linkedin is designed specifically for Business Professionals to connect and engage with other Business Professionals…If you’re not connecting, messaging and engaging everyday with potential prospects, you’re missing out.

We’ll take the hassle out of it and do all the hard work for you. We’ll make the connections, send the messages and start the conversations with decision makers…all you have to do is take over once they’re interested.

Best of All…

No Ad Spend, No Contracts And No Long Term Commitment!

*Please Note you will need to have Sales Navigator attached to your LinkedIn Account for our service.

Here’s Exactly What Our Service Provides

Your Linkedin profile serves as a website a landing page a sales letter and a first impression…it needs to be great!

We’ll write / rewrite your profile to serve all of those purposes. We’ll clearly state the problem you solve, who you solve it for and what to do next. This is key to getting the conversation started. Prospects need to know immediately how you can help them.

Some of the things we’ll do are write / rewrite your profile if required, add a professional head shot (supplied by you) and add a booking calendar link (if you have one).

Linkedin offers some very advanced and in depth targeting options. Tell us who your ideal prospect is, their position, company size, location, industry etc and we will build a targeted list that match your criteria.

People often ask us what constitutes a “Qualified” lead. The answer is somebody who matches the criteria you have provided and who needs and can afford the solutions you provide.

We will build your perfect audience.

We will reach out to 20-30 of your ideal prospects everyday and connect with them on your behalf. If they accept the connection request we will then send them a short message asking if they are potentially interested in your services.

If the prospect replies with interest then it’s over to you to carry on the conversation. If they do not reply, we will continue to send them “soft” messages for up to 90 days to ignite the conversation.

In most industries, this will realistically produce interested prospects every week.

The money is in the Follow Up! When a prospect connects on Linkedin, we are able to add their email to an email auto responder e.g. Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and follow up indefinitely.

This not only increases immediate response rates but also builds a long term asset for your business.

*Email followup can increase response rates 200-300%!

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